Steve on .. Computer science (made easy)

I know there are lots of people who are wanting to learn to write computer code and maybe start a career as a software developer.

While at University, I was pleased to be able to deliver a series of tutorials to first year Computer Science undergraduates. Many of them came to me and asked for private tuition. Here’s what the the academic in charge of the course said when asking me do deliver the tutorials again the following year:

“I was very much in favour of asking you to do this again, as last year you did the same job very well. In fact, may I say, your interactive style with the students, the examples (of your own making) you have presented and your proactive approach were very impressive. Probably this was one of the best series of tutorials ever delivered given that the material is rather complex for first year students.”
Dr. Attila Csenki – September 2015

Getting this sort of praise about my teaching methods does encourage me to write about this and other topics.